Hi! I am a self employed webmaster / web designer / web coder / SEO and content writer called Alex.

I have been working and creating my own websites for 10 years now since 2008.

I basically started without any prior knowledge I could use to my advantage. In the beginning I was creating really simple websites and as I have learned more over time in regards to web design, coding, SEO and writing content my websites have become more successful.

It took a while – but at this moment I am able to support myself from this job and I am really excited that I get to be my own boss and do work I love.

On this blog I will share tips, news and related content to being a self employed webmaster performing mostly every task relating to creating and maintaining websites online. I do rely on tech support by my web hosts and some content writing and web design by a couple of freelancers that I am really glad to have a relationship with.

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