EasyTheme was created back in 2009 for WordPress. It is now getting a brush up. Stay tuned.


EasyTheme was created back in 2009 for WordPress. It is now getting a brush up. Stay tuned.

6 Ways to code CSS buttons

Stylish buttons can be created by CSS 3. The first ones are pretty simple to code and the latter buttons become more advanced. Bear in mind that older browsers will not display these correctly so be sure to check with your preferred browsers how these will display.


What is affiliate marketing?

So you have heard about affiliate marketing and maybe how someone have made alot of money from it but what the heck is really affiliate marketing? I’ll try to make a long story short and still give you the basic idea of what affiliate marketing is so you can benefit from it yourself.


12 Best premium WooCommerce plugins / extensions

Enhance your WooCommerce store

WooCommerce is the most popular choice for running an online store. This and the fact that WooCommerce is open source makes sure that there is a lot of developers working on extending the plugin / framework to offer all kinds of features. Here I will present some of the most popular premium (available for a fee) plugins that you should know exist and consider buying if they can enhance your shop.

Table Rate Shipping

This plugin helps you set shipping rates for your products.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

Amazing selection of features for combining the Amazon affiliate program to a WooCommerce site.


Some really good paying CPA affiliate programs

Great CPA affiliate commissions

Great CPA affiliate commissions

Just discovered some really high paying affiliate programs a while ago. At the moment I am working on creating websites for these. The category of the programs are financial / trading. The best one is paying $200 to $600 CPA (Up to 800 if you can send enough referrals) depending on the country the referred trader resides in. And positively it has a lot of countries it will pay the highest amount for – or at least close to it.

I thought my previously promoted programs very high paying but this discovery just shows me how wrong i was. Tho it remains to be experienced how well I can convert the traffic for these affiliates. If they are 10 times harder it’s paying the same for the same amount of traffic.