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Best webmaster affiliate programs – Web hosting, SEO, web design

Affiliate marketing

After a few months of publishing affiliate programs and networks to I’ve found lots of programs that would be suitable to advertise for webmasters. I will post a selection of the best programs for webmasters, in my opinion, below.

Top web hosting affiliate programs

Web hosting is maybe the most obvious type of affiliate programs suitable for webmasters. Almost every webmaster use a web hosting company and pay monthly or yearly for renting their web server and getting technical support for it. Mostly every top web hosting company out there has got an affiliate program and most of them are really high paying as well!

WP Engine

Top WordPress web hosting company. Also check out Pressable which is another great WP host part of the same affiliate network.

Join here | $200 CPA or higher


A great web host packed with all of the best features. Scale your cloud web server resources up and down as per your requirement. Cloudways offers a managed hosting solution with data hosted in top data centers globally, including with AWS and Google.

Join here | $50 – $125 CPA

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Top SEO affiliate programs

Optimizing websites for search engines is an important task for most websites online. There’s several free tools out there that you can use like the Screaming Frog SEO crawler. Some tools do also cost money to use and most of those that I know of have got affiliate programs.


This is a great SEO software tool and I’ve been using it for a long time now. I am really pleased with the features that tracks how my websites are ranking in Google search, the technical SEO audit and also their keyword research features. SEMRush has a simple but high paying affiliate program with a couple of links and banners you can use. Entice your traffic by offering free trials.

Join here | 40% recurring revenue share


Similar software to SEMRush. I hear a lot of great things about it but I have not tried it yet. They have announced their affiliate program to be available soon, and I am really curious to see if they can offer as high commission rates as SEMRush. By the time you read this the affiliate program might be live.

Join here | Commission to be disclosed

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Top web design affiliate programs

I am not sure if there’s and custom web design affiliate programs active online at the moment. There’s lots of affiliate programs for web templates and WordPress themes though and I’ll list my top picks below. Also listing a top sofware suite for web designers.

Envato Market

Over 44.500 WordPress themes. Not the highest paying affiliate program but they do offer a wide selection of products you can do marketing for.

Join here | 30% revenue share for the first purchase.

Elegant Themes

WordPress theme subscription site that costs $89/year for access to 87 themes. Or $249 one time. The theme selection includes the famous Divi theme that reportedly is the most popular premium WP theme in the world.

Join here | 50% recurring revenue share


Adobe is the industry standard when it comes to digital design, photography and also web design in some respects. They also have a stock photo site with photos, illustrations and templates for Photoshop, Illustrator and more.

Join here | 85% revenue share for the first month of a sofware subscription, $72 CPA for the stock photo site.

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Earn long term recurring revenue from webmaster traffic


Do you or the business you work for own or operate a website that gets webmaster traffic? It could be traffic from bloggers, small niche site webmasters, affiliate marketers with their own websites, influencers on social media, or webmasters managing other kinds of websites.

Ads for ads

If you’ve got this kind of traffic you could could monetize it for the long run by setting up content and ads featuring recurring 2-tier affiliate marketing programs. That would basically be advertisements for other advertisers that your traffic could use to earn money with their own websites. In return for sending new publishers that advertiseses products part of the 2-tier affiliate programs you would earn revenue a share of their earnings. Typically about 5% of the earnings your referrals make for a year or sometimes 5% – 10% of what they make forever (for as long as you and they are part of, and make money with the affiliate program.

This could be a great way to set up a passive recurring revenue stream. Also, writing about affiliate marketing programs both 2-tier and also other programs that does not have 2-tier programs might be useful to your readers and give you some nice topics for new content.

Revenue on autopilot

I myself earn about $300 – $400/mo from this kind of affiliate marketing. I really like how it seems to be continuing pretty much on autopilot and also growing over time as I continue to send more traffic to these programs.

Recurring earnings with the SEMRush affiliate program

Another way you can earn recurring affiliate marketing commissions is to promote the SEMRush affiliate program. This is a great software as a services product for SEO. SEMRush can be really useful to many webmasters and professional SEOs that optimize websites for the search engines.

You can earn really generous commissions at 40% recurring revenue share. Their plans start at $99/mo so each new customer you bring them can earn you a lot over time.

Advertising for your site with affiliate programs

I have been working as an affiliate for about 10 years now and I really like the affiliate marketing business because it is great in so many ways. First of all you get to choose what to advertise, second it often pays very well, and third, because it gives inspiration for new pieces of content to create.

I have decided to focus a lot more of my time to continue to add programs, networks and write articles with tips for webmasters interested in affiliate marketing on

Please give the site a visit if you are looking to monetize your websites or blogs.

Some really good paying CPA affiliate programs

Great CPA affiliate commissions

Great CPA affiliate commissions

Just discovered some really high paying affiliate programs a while ago. At the moment I am working on creating websites for these. The category of the programs are financial / trading. The best one is paying $200 to $600 CPA (Up to 800 if you can send enough referrals) depending on the country the referred trader resides in. And positively it has a lot of countries it will pay the highest amount for – or at least close to it.

I thought my previously promoted programs very high paying but this discovery just shows me how wrong i was. Tho it remains to be experienced how well I can convert the traffic for these affiliates. If they are 10 times harder it’s paying the same for the same amount of traffic.

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