FREE tools to minimize the size of your images without loosing quality

Sqeezing a lemon

I first heard about TinyPNG on a podcast. I think it was on a Growth Everywhere podcast where Eric Siu (the host) asks the guests for their best new tools that they’ve started using recently.

I have been working a lot over the last year with trying to optimize the loading times of the different websites of mine for SEO benefits as well as for user experience.

Smaller file size – same image quality

I was really amazed to see that the TinyPNG tool quickly, for free, and easily minimized some of the image files on my websites by up to 75%. After reducing the quality of images only to gain a few percentage points of savings with the save for web feature in Photoshop I was really pleasantly surprised at how much some of the images could be optimized without even noticeably loosing any quality.

Little to save for some images

I’ve found that JPG files that has been saved for web with Photoshop CC 2018 and reduced in quality has only 1% – 2% room for savings with TinyPNG. High resolution JPG (60 quality) files can save more though, about ~15%. PNG images and especially those with only a few colors seems to be the image files with the most room for improvement using TinyPNG. The lemon squeezing photo above was saved with PS CC 2019 in PNG-8 format and was reduced from 14.8 KB to 12.3 KB using TinyPNG.

Free vs Pro version

You can use the tool for free for as many images as you need to optimize. However, you can only add up to 20 images at once, after that you need to refresh the site and to reset the counter. There’s also a max filesize of 5 MB.

If you need to optimize more images at once and also increase the maz filesize limit to 25 MB you would need to pay for the pro version. It is currently available for $25/year.

Squoosh app by Google

Google recently also developed and published their own free tool called This web application is a little bit different than TinyPNG in that it only lets you minimize one image at a time.

At doing that though it is even better than TinyPNG and it lets you compare the original image with the new minimized one. You can select between 6 different image file formats, as well as setting your desired quality vs file size. Also, there’s lots of advanced options.

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