How to always display the sidebar on TwentyEleven theme

AI am a little late to the party on modifications on this theme i guess. But as I didn’t find a good fix for this when searching Google I tried to come up with my own solution and it was only two simple changes required to do this.

In the syle.css file in the themes folder i simply removed the three CSS blocks of code below /* Singular */ on line 100.

Also, still easy, I copy / pasted the code from the index.php to the single.php. When I write this I come to think about that you could also just delete the single.php for the same result as modifying it.

After modifying your theme files you don’t want it to automatically update and overwrite your changes. At least you need to be aware that it could happen and that you have to remake the changes after an update occur. If you want to stop the theme from updating you could¬†read this quick fix for that.

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