Earn long term recurring revenue from webmaster traffic


Do you or the business you work for own or operate a website that gets webmaster traffic? It could be traffic from bloggers, small niche site webmasters, affiliate marketers with their own websites, influencers on social media, or webmasters managing other kinds of websites.

Ads for ads

If you’ve got this kind of traffic you could could monetize it for the long run by setting up content and ads featuring recurring 2-tier affiliate marketing programs. That would basically be advertisements for other advertisers that your traffic could use to earn money with their own websites. In return for sending new publishers that advertiseses products part of the 2-tier affiliate programs you would earn revenue a share of their earnings. Typically about 5% of the earnings your referrals make for a year or sometimes 5% – 10% of what they make forever (for as long as you and they are part of, and make money with the affiliate program.

This could be a great way to set up a passive recurring revenue stream. Also, writing about affiliate marketing programs both 2-tier and also other programs that does not have 2-tier programs might be useful to your readers and give you some nice topics for new content.

Revenue on autopilot

I myself earn about $300 – $400/mo from this kind of affiliate marketing. I really like how it seems to be continuing pretty much on autopilot and also growing over time as I continue to send more traffic to these programs.

Recurring earnings with the SEMRush affiliate program

Another way you can earn recurring affiliate marketing commissions is to promote the SEMRush affiliate program. This is a great software as a services product for SEO. SEMRush can be really useful to many webmasters and professional SEOs that optimize websites for the search engines.

You can earn really generous commissions at 40% recurring revenue share. Their plans start at $99/mo so each new customer you bring them can earn you a lot over time.

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