Some really good paying CPA affiliate programs

Great CPA affiliate commissions

Great CPA affiliate commissions

Just discovered some really high paying affiliate programs a while ago. At the moment I am working on creating websites for these. The category of the programs are financial / trading. The best one is paying $200 to $600 CPA (Up to 800 if you can send enough referrals) depending on the country the referred trader resides in. And positively it has a lot of countries it will pay the highest amount for – or at least close to it.

I thought my previously promoted programs very high paying but this discovery just shows me how wrong i was. Tho it remains to be experienced how well I can convert the traffic for these affiliates. If they are 10 times harder it’s paying the same for the same amount of traffic.

Check out the programs under the links to my sites in the sidebar. The link is called “Trading Affiliate Programs” if you want to read more about this and maybe get in on the action. Best of luck and let me know if you start to promote these programs!


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