What is affiliate marketing?

So you have heard about affiliate marketing and maybe how someone have made alot of money from it but what the heck is really affiliate marketing? I’ll try to make a long story short and still give you the basic idea of what affiliate marketing is so you can benefit from it yourself.

First. If you want to start affiliate marketing you need to join an affiliate program. Most stores and many service providers online do have an affiliate program that you can join simply by filling out a form. Look for a link that says “affiliate program”, “webmasters”, “make money”, “partners” or something like that on the store or service provider’s website that you want to partner with through their affiliate program.

  • Most affiliate programs do not require you to represent a company but a few do.
  • Many affiliate programs require you to have a website but some don’t.
  • Some affiliate programs are only avaliable for people in certain countries but most are’nt.

Alright let’s continue. When you have joined and been accepted (most got auto accept) to an affiliate program you can start promoting their products and / or services. When you do that you are affiliate marketing. Simple? Yes, kind of like checkers. Easy learn – hard to master.

When you are affiliate marketing you will only be payed when you refer successful sales or leads to companies. Luckily most of em pay great!

So, what’s the benefits of affiliate marketing?

The biggest benefit of affiliate marketing is that you can actively promote the advertisements you put on your website. You can even create dedicated websites to promote niche products. As opposed to PPC advertising like AdSense you can ask your visitors and convince them to click on your ads and buy the product. Another great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can choose your own products to promote. You can select the ones that pays the best, the ones with most advertising material, the ones that have the best looking website and you believe will convert your referrals into customers best. That is all up to you as a webmaster and an affiliate marketeer.

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