Where to get stock photos, graphics, images and icons for websites online

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If you write your own blog or have other kind of websites where you publish of refurbish content you will most likely often be looking to for images online. There’s lots of websites offering different kind of image files, including photos, illustrations, icons and other image files that you can use for free or by paying a small fee for the standard license.

I myself have long been mostly using free websites for the graphics that I need. However I recently decided to use payed stock photo sites to get a better selection of resources to use for my web publishing.

Stock photo sites

I started out using Dreamstime and that is a really nice site because of the huge selection that they offer at a really cheap price. I used it for about a year on and off, as I neded images. I was dissapointed to find that when I cancelled the recurring membership that the unused credits I had left dissapeared.

Currently I’ve got a yearly memebership for Adobe Stock, I really like how it integrates with Photoshop CC 2019 and lets me search for images right within the software. Also, the fact that they’ve got lots of templates for easy editing with Photoshop was another reason I changed from Dreamstime to Adobe Stock.

Free icons and small graphics

Another resource that I use a lot is IconFinder. It is packed with free icons. many of which are available in 512x512px PNG and vector formats, which can make them useable for illustrations in blog posts as well. However, each of the icons available for download on IconFinder has different licenses. You can filter the search results to only include free icons, but some will require you to link back to the authors website. You can also select to only include icons that do not require you to link back. I use those two filters all the time and usually find good icons for most of my needs.

When using the icons you should check what the license says. Many of the icons says: “Free for commercial use”, some says “Free for commercial use with a link back to the authors website” and some use other licenses like MIT and CC.

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